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Is it worth paying to promote your ebook – conclusions

June 12, 2013

Well I’ve just finished my five day free promotion for Pursuit on Kindle, and I paid $30 to have the word spread far and wide.

And the far and wide bit certainly rings true: I had downloads in Italy, Germany, France, Canada, all those places where I don’t normally see much readership.

But, numbers wise? Well pretty much the same as my last free promo, which I publicised myself. In fact, downloads were very slow, less than 100 per day, to begin with, but only really salvaged on the last day when I saw almost 500. 

I wonder if it’s got something to do with that fact that my first ebook was a short story. Perhaps people are itching to get their hands on a quick read but don’t want to pay that much for it (I agree – if I could offer my short stories for 30 cents/fifty pence I would) and therefore when they’re free, a short story represents something more tantalising.

Yet, doesn’t a full novel, by a different token, represent more of a bargain?

I’m not sure, but what I would say is that, personally, I wouldn’t pay in future. Partly my success might be down to the fact that I’m a newcomer to this game, but surely in that case, in future (and if all moves in the right direction!) I’ll have even less requirement for someone else to do my promoting?

On a related note, said short story is now out of the KDP select window and I’m going to publish it elsewhere, to see what impact the likes of Kobo, Smashwords etc will have.

I’ll keep you posted!



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  1. Nice article. I’ve just put my first novella on Amazon and didn’t go for KDP because I have nothing else for people to buy. When I release book 2 of the series I’ll try the free promotion. Who did you pay to promote it?

    • Hi Michael – I used

      You don’t have to pay $30, there are cheaper versions on there. I suspect it’s like everything else – you need to look at the options and work out what will function best for you.

      One thing that I have realised since my promo, and may have been a contributing factor: Pursuit has received very few reviews, one great and one bad, in fact. The bad one suggested (and suggested is putting it mildly!) that there are too many long words and that I should ‘put down the thesaurus). Well I’m going to cover that bad review in a post soon, but in a nutshell – yes, the first few pages are a little convoluted with writing that was almost too carefully crafted. I’m changing that (not after just one bad review but because a couple of others said it, nicely) but I wonder if people went for the ‘look inside’ option before downloading, then didn’t get past the first five pages. So they didn’t bother to download a copy, and those that did never finished the book. Hence, fewer downloads and very few reviews.

      Just speculation, but in any case I’m going to edit it more and try again. We’ll see…

      What’s your book by the way? I’ll check it out.

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