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So you CAN have no first line indents on opening paragraphs

May 14, 2013

I know, it’s boring. We writers want to write and not spend our time formatting our work until we can’t see the prose any more.

So you probably don’t want to read any more about it, but as promised in  my last post, I wanted to share a solution to a problem I was having and one which, judging by the volume of forum posts on the subject, is a fairly prolific one.

If you publish your ebook to Kindle, you will read that the programme they use automatically inserts paragraph indentation for you.

This is fine, but what if you want that professional look whereby your first paragraph has no indentation? You know, at the start of the book and the start of every chapter. Plus after every scene break.

Not being particularly technical or adept with anything related to MS Office, I scoured the internet for a solution, and I came up with this by Louise Armstrong:

In a nutshell, you need to use your styles and formatting menu, and create a style that you call zero indent, or something of the like. You’ll be setting this to have an indent on the first line of 0.001cm. So technically not zero, but an indent so small that Kindle will put it in there and you can’t see it. If you leave it at zero (literally zero) that’s when Kindle will insert its own paragraph indentation. Anyway, Louise explains it better than I do, so have a look!


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